Adelstein | Liston is a media and strategic communications consulting firm, founded and run by Eric Adelstein and Ann Liston.

Recognized nationally for their award-winning creative and break-through victories Adelstein | Liston has taken on some of the highest profile, against-the-odds challenges in electoral, legislative and public affairs campaigns... and won.

Along with serving on the senior strategy team for President Obama's re-election, Adelstein | Liston has helped elect 2 Presidents of the United States, 10 U.S. Senators, 26 Members of Congress, 12 statewide office holders, and over 100 state and local elected officials.

In addition to winning 27 Pollies (American Association of Political Consultants), 11 Reeds (Campaigns & Elections) and numerous other awards, the firm was recognized by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow in 2010 for producing "the first grand-slam, out of the park, absolutely perfect Democratic campaign ad of the entire year."

Headquartered in Chicago with offices in Washington, D.C. and Sacramento, the firm represents electoral clients across the country from city council to President of the United States and virtually every office in between.

In 2010, the firm worked in three of the six biggest US Senate races including helping to protect Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Adelstein | Liston also holds the distinction as the only firm in the nation to defeat incumbent members of Congress three election cycles in a row (2004,2006,2008).

From building support for smoking bans around the country to modernizing energy delivery with expanded "smart grids", to increasing organ donation, to protecting people's rights, Adelstein|Liston has created public affairs advertising that cuts through clutter, saves lives, and influences major legislative outcomes.